Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary artist, drawing critical attention to degenerative soil management and its impact on climate, I am inspired by what cannot be directly seen, questioning the perception of the micro as inferior to the macro. By elevating the role of soil microorganisms – the fuel that powers this planet – I challenge man’s position of superiority over other forms of life.


To a significant extent, the ongoing environmental crisis is born of denialism and the delusional exceptionalism of man. I address these issues through a flow of interrelated explorations, with a focus on the soil microbiome as a proxy to challenge the culture of environmental anthropocentrism.


With the global warming reality and concepts of New Materialism penetrating the realms of visual arts, I seek to imbue the interpretative space created by the artwork with a guided message to steer environmental consciousness. 

Vi Brazh

BA (Hons)  2021, L.S.A.D.

Selected projects, events, shows:

Sept 2020-June 2021 - Limerick City Gallery of Art and 39th EVA International Biennial of Contemporary Art - participant of the Parklife Project_EVA

May 2021 - LSAD Graduate Show 2021

​March 2021 - Participant of the 8th All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research (AICUR) with the topic "If Soils Could Talk.The Artist as Climate Advocate"

Dec 2020 - LSAD Pop-up Shop Artists on Display 

Feb 2020 - LSAD Drawing Awards laureate 

May 2019 - GTI Graduate Show, Galway

Dec 2018 - A5 Art Fair,  Galway Arts Centre, Galway